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Ehsaas Nashonuma Registration

Ehsaas Nashonuma Program Online Registration is for all mothers giving birth to children and get paid under the Benazir Development Program 2 thousand rupees for the birth of a son and 2500 rupees for the birth of a daughter monthly to improve their development.

Children born weak have poor financial conditions, which prevent their parents from properly raising them. For this reason, the administration made this choice. They will pay attention to the health of the mother and child. 

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New Update Of BISP Nashonuma Program

To improve child development, pregnant women are provided with free medicines for nine months. After the baby is born, attention is paid to the mother’s nutrition. They are also paid a monthly stipend so that children can maintain good health. The scope of this program has expanded throughout the country.

New Update Of BISP Nashonuma Program
New Update Of BISP Nashonuma Program

The process of registering new people began. Development centres have been established throughout the country. At the same time, attention is paid to the health of both mother and child. You can use this Ehsaas Nashonuma Program to help your children develop.

Ehsaas Nashonuma Program Online Registration 2024

Pakistan is currently experiencing an alarming situation of child stunting and malnutrition. How can a nation prosper if malnutrition holds back future generations? How can mothers provide the care their children need if they don’t have access to proper nutrition? According to the report, 17.7 per cent of children in Pakistan suffer from stunting and poor physical health.

To overcome this situation, the government of Pakistan has started a Ehsaas Nashonuma Program to save the future of Pakistan by giving its children the rights they deserve. This shows the mother and her children the proper nutrition and support for a bright future. Form r Prime Minister Imran Khan knows how important it is for a “healthy mother to give birth to a healthy child”, so he announced Rs 2,500 and 2,000 for a girl and a boy, respectively, for the first 1,000 days.

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The government is also concerned about the situation of pregnant women and has announced the Ehsaas Agosh Scheme. When you register, you will get Rs 17,000 towards the best nutrition for your newborn.

Basic Purpose Of Ehsaas Nashonuma Program

In Pakistan, children suffering from malnutrition are identified as disabled or very poor, and they face many problems in raising their children. The government of Pakistan has developed a new program to solve this problem. He created what he calls the program, which has the highest nutritional status in the region of Pakistan.

This program aims to help the poor people of Pakistan who are facing problems in raising their children. The government of Pakistan has launched a new program under which an amount of RS 2000 is paid upon the birth of the child and after the birth. Girl, He is paying RS 2500 per girl, intended to cover other expenses. This is the amount of child support for two years so that she can raise her child well.

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Ehsaas Nashonuma Program Registration And Rules

The Ehsas Nashonuma program is struggling to provide support to pregnant women and children under two years of age in Pakistan. However, specific and strict eligibility criteria must be followed when registering on the 8171 web portal. Registration for a nutrition program is significant for the child and the nation.

Ehsaas Nashonuma Registration Centers

For the convenience of citizens and beneficiaries, 470 Nashonuma centres have been established in 156 districts under the program. You can visit these centres for details and information about the process. Belo is a list of some of the districts where Ehsaas Nashonuma program registration centres are located:

  • Rajanpur (Punjab)
  •  Khanewal (Punjab)
  •  Khyber (KPK and FATA)
  •  Kalat (Balochistan)
  •  Upper Dir (KPK)
  •  Lasbela (Balochistan)
  •  Bagh (AJK)
  •  Martian Balan (Gilgit-Baltistan)
  •  Diamer (Gilgit-Baltistan)
  •  Hatian Bala (Committee)
  •  Goshawk (Gilgit-Baltistan)
  •  Badin (Sindh)
  •  Harmang (Gilgit-Baltistan)
  •  Sorab (Balochistan)
  •  Islamabad

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Ehsaas Nashonuma Hotline 2024

The Ministry of Poverty Alleviation and Social Protection is responsible for social welfare programs. For assistance related to the Ehsaas Nashonuma program, call the helpline at   0800-26477. If you prefer guidance via SMS, send a text message to 8171. This service is available in both English and Urdu. You can also use the program’s official website, digital @ 

Here are the contact details of the Ministry of Poverty Alleviation and Social Protection:

  • Email:
  •  Phone number:   051-9210047.

How to register for the Nashonuma program

Suppose you want to enrol in the development program. In that case, this method will explain how to register and become eligible for the program. Since many people are still unable to register for the program, the Government of Pakistan has launched a new method through which anyone can easily register for this program.

                                                                              Guide Ehsaas Nashonuma Registration
Guide Ehsaas Nashonuma Registration

He will be able to qualify and receive benefits under this program as quickly as possible. To register for this program, you need to send your CNIC to 8171, after which you will be added to it. Remember when you are added to it.

So, after 24 hours, you will receive a confirmation SMS on your mobile number that you are eligible for this program, and you can go to any development program in your area to get the medicines and the grant amount.

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Eligibility Criteria

Follow the criteria to qualify for this program. Please remember that these women will be eligible to participate.

  • You poor pregnant women deserve so much.
  •  Your family’s monthly income is less than 50 thousand.
  •  You have never travelled abroad and have no more than 2 acres of land in your name.

Benefits of the Nashonuma Program

The development program has many benefits. One f benefit is that for those people who are very poor and cannot raise their children, the government of Pakistan has come up with this program so that they can increase their children effectively. This program is for poor people so that they can raise their children well. They can earn money and raise their children well.

Since the most precious life is the first two years, during which if a child is given good food, he remains healthy and energetic for the rest of his life, the Government of Pakistan has decided that Rs.2000 per month should be given to young children in every family so that they can feed them well. They will become a priceless gift for their entire lives.


The Ehsaas Nashonuma program is crucial in addressing nutritional needs and improving the well-being of pregnant women and children under two years of age. You can register and check Ehsaas 2024 online through portal 8171. It is Rs 2500 for girls and Rs 2000 for boys for the first 1000 days of their lives. You can also download the Ehsaas app for updated information. So, or us on the early stages of your child’s development and lay the foundation for society.


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