5 Best Indoor Badminton Courts in Islamabad Pakistan 2024

Best Indoor Badminton Courts in Islamabad
Best Indoor Badminton Courts in Islamabad

Welcome to Islamabad, a vibrant city where badminton lovers can have fun playing indoor games. Best Indoor Badminton Courts in Islamabad located right in the center of Pakistan’s capital city are like a safe place for players who want a fun and controlled place for their games.

If you are good at badminton, want to become even better, or like to play for fun, these indoor courts are the perfect place.
They give you a great place to enjoy a fast and exciting game of badminton. Here is 8 Best Cricket Academies in Pakistan – Lahore | Karachi | Islamabad 2024

The indoor badminton courts in Islamabad offer a friendly atmosphere and are open to players of all levels. Come and be part of the fun and friendship while experiencing all the badminton opportunities in this cool and diverse city!

List Of 5 Best Indoor Badminton Courts in Islamabad 2024

  1. Acrobat Badminton Club
  2. Allied Badminton Academy
  3. Margalla Sports Complex
  4. PAF Badminton Court
  5. BU Badminton Court 
Best Indoor Badminton Courts in Islamabad
Best Indoor Badminton Courts in Islamabad

1.Acrobat Badminton Club

Number one in list of Best Indoor Badminton Courts in Islamabad is Acrobat Badminton Club which was Founded in 2019 by a group of passionate players from the G-9 Community Centre,  Acrobat Badminton Club is a great place for badminton lovers. This club provides a cozy space where players can come together and enjoy the excitement of the game.

The club is more than just a place to play; it is a community center where players of all skill levels can gather to play friendly matches and improve their badminton skills. Focused on creating a positive and inclusive environment, Acrobat Badminton Club is the perfect place for both experienced players honing their technique and casual enthusiasts looking for a fun and entertaining experience.

The club’s commitment to developing a sense of camaraderie ensures that everyone feels part of this badminton community. Join the Acrobat Badminton Club and experience the joy of badminton in a conducive and vibrant environment! Read Also: 5 Best Construction Companies in Karachi 2024 – SECP Registered

Address:   G9 Community Centre, Islamabad.

2.Allied Badminton Academy

Allied Badminton Academy is the only academy in Islamabad that provides a special experience to people who love the game. They have coaches all over the world and work hard to help people succeed in badminton and its 2nd in list of Best Indoor Badminton Courts in Islamabad.

They don’t just teach badminton skills; they also teach important things like discipline, not giving up, and integrity in sports. If you want to lose weight, they will help you do it in just one month. The main idea here is simple: “Work hard and you will succeed.” This place believes that diligence in badminton and other things will help you achieve success.

Contact details:   0313 2092266

3.Margalla Sports Complex

Margalla Sports Complex Managed by the National Defense University Islamabad, Margalla Sports Complex is located in the tranquil and beautiful Margalla Valley. It offers both indoor and outdoor activities for its members. Read Also:  11 Best Driving Schools in Karachi – Location, Schedule Contact Info 2024

You can practice indoor sports such as swimming, table tennis, badminton and snooker. If you like to be active, there is tennis, an outdoor gym, and walking and cycling paths. There is also a large cafeteria called “Tea Cozy,” where participants can grab a bite to eat.

Only people with a membership can use the sports complex, but sometimes, members can bring guests with them. To enjoy the sport and stay fit, you need to either get a membership card or mark a member as a guest at the Margalla Sports Complex.

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Address:   Sports Complex, Islamabad.

4.PAF Badminton Court

PAF Badminton Courts is 4th in list of Best Indoor Badminton Courts in Islamabad , located at PAF Complex, Alam Road, E-9, Islamabad, is a renowned sports facility in the region. Classified as a sports club or stadium, this venue is designed for badminton fans and athletes looking for a dynamic space for their sporting activities.

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PAF Badminton Courts provide a dedicated space for badminton matches and training. The strategic location of the facility within the PAF Complex ensures convenience and accessibility for sports enthusiasts in the E-9 area of ​​Islamabad. Here is Best Kids Clothing Brands in Pakistan 2024 – Awaz Pakistan

Whether you are an experienced badminton player or want to take up recreational sports, PAF badminton courts provide suitable conditions for players of various skill levels. The facility, part of the North Islamabad Parks region, contributes to the capital’s vibrant sports landscape.

Address:   Alam Road, E9, Islamabad.

5.BU Badminton Court

The BU badminton court is located in the Bahria University Gymnasium at E-8 Islamabad. This is a great place for people who love to play badminton. The court is open every day from 11:00 to 20:30, so you can play at different times throughout the week.

It’s not just for students – anyone who loves badminton can come and play.Located in the Bahria University Gym, it is easy to find and is a great place for students or locals who want to enjoy a game of badminton.

Address:   Street 21, E8-1, Islamabad.

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