5 Best Construction Companies in Karachi 2024 – SECP Registered

Best Construction Companies in Karachi
Best Construction Companies in Karachi

If you want to create your dream project and want to know about Best Construction Companies in Karachi 2024, here are the leading construction companies in Karachi. We have added SECP (Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan), registered Best Construction Companies in Karachi 202 that provide quality services and products.

List Of Best Construction Companies in Karachi 2024

Below are some of the Best Construction Companies in Karachi 2024 based on their location and contact information.

Best Construction Companies in Karachi
Best Construction Companies in Karachi

1. Crescent Construction Company 

From humble beginnings in 1995, Crescent Construction Company has successfully positioned itself as a leading contracting organization in Pakistan so its in 1st number is list of Best Construction Companies in Karachi 2024 . Their exponential growth, currently exceeding a billion rupees annually, defines their commitment to excellence. Here is Best Kids Clothing Brands in Pakistan 2024 – Awaz Pakistan

Supported by the principles of quality, customer satisfaction, efficiency and safety, they are in both public and private sectors for time-bound projects. Aiming to become leaders in construction, they build buildings, roads, pipelines, and infrastructure marvels. 

They also excel in project and claims management for large-scale projects. Their ethos thrives on financial responsibility, outstanding service and promoting employee success. Here is 8 Best Cricket Academies in Pakistan – Lahore | Karachi | Islamabad 2024


  1. Trade
  2. Construction and contracting work
  • Location: KDA Scheme 1, Miran Muhammad Shah Road, Karachi
  • Contact number:  021 34140931-3
  • Email: info@crescongroup.com

2. Fabcon Contractors (Pvt) Ltd 

The distinctive feature of Fabcon Contractors (Pvt) Ltd  is quality, evident throughout their extensive range of services. As a thriving enterprise, they are relentless in achieving consistent growth without compromising on standards. Also Read:  11 Best Driving Schools in Karachi – Location, Schedule Contact Info 2024

This selfless endeavor benefits both their valued clientele and valued employees. With a collaborative ethos, they champion a unified “teamwork” approach to every project, ensuring reasonable costs and rapid construction of superior quality. Here is 5 Best Indoor Badminton Courts in Islamabad Pakistan 2024


  1. Sliding stamping
  2. Cement silos
  3. Elevators for grain storage
  4. High-rise structures
  5. Cement Foundation
  6. Civil Engineering
  7. Cement factories
  8. Pharmaceutical factories
  9. Warehouses
  10. Warehouse racks
  11. Steel canopies/pipes/platforms
  12. Hangar for aircraft maintenance
  • Location: Office no B-33-A, Near Johar Mor Bridge, Block 10 A, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi
  • Contact Number:  (021) 34810828
  • Emailinfo@fabconcontractors.com

3.GFS Builders and Developers

GFS Builders & Developers are 3rd in Best Construction Companies in Karachi 2024 because they are passionate about offering affordable housing that provides top-notch comfort and amenities to enable everyone to realize their dream home. 

Their proactive approach covers comprehensive construction services and investment management, building trust through collaboration with clients, architects, engineers, subcontractors and suppliers. 

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Supporting shared accountability across operations, they consistently deliver professional excellence and superior results.

With 15 years of experience in construction and land development, they have developed a variety of residential and commercial projects, prioritizing quality and value and offering opportunities for future investment.


  1. Land development
  2. Residential & Commercial
  3. Housing Societies
  4. Industrial land
  5. Commercial land
  6. Improvement
  • Location: Plot No. FL-27, Al Basit Tower, Gulshan-e-Jamal, Faisal Cantt, Opposite Askari – IV, Karachi
  • Contact number: 0302 8255578
  • Email: info@gfsbuilders.com.pk

4.Perfection Constructors (Pvt) Ltd.

From sprawling shopping malls to tall modern buildings, their designs enhance the country’s landscape. They embody quality, speed and customer satisfaction, imbuing every project with a vision: to achieve the peak of Excellence and Professionalism in Construction.

Their famous projects include the Grand Mosque, Rafi Cricket Stadium, Creek Marina, Shaukat Khanum and many more in Karachi.


  1. Construction and strengthening; Customer Service
  • Location: KDA Scheme 1, C-109, Paragon Construction Ltd, Amir Khusro Road, Karachi
  • Contact number: 021 34375701


Created under the careful supervision of concrete experts, Rockrete products provide unmatched durability and consistent quality, leaving a lasting mark.Their offerings boast unmatched durability, vibrant colours, distinctive designs and uniquely textured surfaces that outshine traditional Pakistani products.

Colorado Paver’s innovative design provides architects and flooring designers with many options to create stunning exterior flooring designs that feature superior compressive strength and durability.

The Roman Interlocking Rockrete pays homage to historical architectural marvels, reflecting the timeless design and size that have graced Rome for centuries. This innovative development from Rockrete marks a new era and its in 5th place in Best Construction Companies in Karachi 2024.

Their product range includes Colorado Pavers, Hollow Blocks, Roman Pavers, Concrete Blocks, I Pavers and many more – each a testament to their commitment to innovation and excellence.


  1. City paving
  2. Tile laying services
  3. Solid and hollow blocks
  • Location: Plaza, Plot G-7, Block 09, Clifton
  • Contact number: 021 35308341
  • Emailsales@rockrete.com.pk

Your construction dreams come true!

So, this was our list of leading construction companies in Karachi. For more such content and user guides, visit AWAZ PAKISTAN

#Construction Companies in KarachiLocationContact Number
1Crescent Construction CompanyKDA Scheme 1021 34140931-3
2Fabcon Contractors (Pvt) LtdGulshan-e-Iqbal021 34810828
3GFS Builders and DevelopersGulshan-e-Jamal0302 8255578
4Paragon Constructors (Pvt) Ltd.KDA Scheme 1021 34375701
5RockreteClifton021 35308341
Best Construction Companies in Karachi 2024


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