Facebook Page Monetization in Pakistan | Eligibility Criteria, Methods 2024

Facebook Page Monetization in Pakistan
Facebook Page Monetization in Pakistan

Good News for all of you: we are sharing with you Facebook Page Monetization in Pakistan, a complete guide on how you can earn and live a better life, so stay connected. Read the complete article; with nearly 2.91 billion users, Facebook is the largest and most popular social networking site in the world. With all kinds of content, from images to videos, articles to posts, it is a hub for everything you can imagine.

The variety of content on Facebook makes it a great place to make money, and that’s where monetization comes in. Monetization means making money or generating income from a business or asset. Facebook monetization works the same way you use tools like advertising to make money. Here is 10 Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Pakistan in 2024

Facebook Page Monetization in Pakistan Methods 2024

Facebook Page Monetization in Pakistan criteria vary depending on your content and how you promote it. If you want to monetize your Facebook page, you can do it using the following 4 methods: 

1. Stars

2. In-Stream Advertising

3. Fan subscriptions

4. Branded Content  

Note.   Currently, Pakistan is only allowed to monetize pages through Stars.

Now, let’s talk about each Facebook Page Monetization in Pakistan method and the criteria associated with it.


Stars are virtual goods that your fans can send to you, and Meta pays you for every star you receive. You can earn stars for videos and live broadcasts currently this is one of the best Facebook Page Monetization in Pakistan method is working.

Meta pays 1 cent US dollar or more for every star you receive. Stars are great for creators with active and loyal followers.

Constantly create original content and earn money through Stars.

How it works?

  1.  Add your tax and payment details
  2. Agree to the Terms of Use
  3. Earn when your fan sends stars to your videos!

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Have at least 500 subscribers for 30 consecutive days.
  2. Compliance   with community standards 
  3. Follow   the affiliate monetization policy
  4. · Residing in   the eligible country   (Pakistan is eligible)
Facebook Page Monetization in Pakistan
Facebook Page Monetization in Pakistan

2.In-Stream Advertising 

These ads are short and can play at the beginning, end, or during a Facebook video. These videos will help you make money on the platform. Only Facebook pages can use these videos. 

Note.  (Pakistan does not currently support video monetization, but Urdu is the common language for in-stream advertising.)

When using streaming advertising, the following Facebook Page monetization criteria must be met. 

  1. You can only post from a page, not a Facebook profile.
  2. Minimum 18 years old
  3. Follow community standards, monetization and content monetization policies.
  4.  Get ​​10,000 subscribers 
  5. For VOD, the total number of minutes watched will reach 600,000 (in the last 60 days).
  6. 5 active videos (excluding active cross-posting videos)
  7. Live in the country and use a language suitable for monetization.
  8. Video minimum 1 minute long 
  9. Add pauses every minute if the video is longer.

3.Fan subscriptions  

With subscriptions, fans can support the page by paying monthly subscriptions. 

Facebook Fan Subscription is by invitation only. Your page must meet   Facebook’s monetization standards,   Apple’s App Store guidelines for subscriptions,  and terms for contributing creators. 

Note. Pakistan does not currently have fan subscription rights. 

In addition, the following criteria for monetizing a Facebook page must be met: 

  1. 10,000 subscribers on pages or more than 250 regular viewers
  2. 50,000 publications or 180,000 minutes of viewing (over the last 60 days)

4.Branded Content   

Branded content includes videos, text, articles, images, etc., that showcase a third-party product, sponsor, or brand.

Note. Pakistan currently does not have rights to branded content. 

To benefit from branded content, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Request access
  2. Apply to Facebook Brand Manager
  3. Follow the branded content policy. 

Facebook Page Monetization Policy 

Facebook Pages must follow certain rules in order to monetize. These policies cover everything from the type of content to how it is distributed to the impact of the content on the Facebook community. 

There are 3 categories of policies to consider:

  1. Community Standards
  2. Affiliate monetization policy
  3. Content monetization policy

Now, let’s talk about each category in detail. 

1.Community Standards

Community standards are set to ensure the platform remains safe, functional, and productive for everyone. These are the basic rules that every Facebook profile, page, and group should follow, whether they are monetized or not. 

This policy promotes the following ideas:

  1. Authenticity
  2.  Safety
  3.  Dignity 
  4. Privacy

2.Partner monetization policy

These rules and regulations, which apply primarily at the page level, concern the behavior of your page as a whole. Make money on Facebook: Professional mode pages, events, groups, and profiles must adhere to the following guidelines: 

  1. Create content on a surface and in a country suitable for monetization. 
  2.  Use authentic and original content
  3. Gain genuine engagement 
  4. Establish presence 
  5. Connect with organizations that follow Facebook’s policies. 

3.Content Monetization Policy

Along with Facebook’s community standards and partner monetization policies, creators must follow certain content guidelines. According to the Content Monetization Policy, the following types of content should not be displayed on Facebook:

  1. Static images, polls and videos 
  2. Slideshow with images
  3. Text montages
  4. Built-in advertising, looping video 

Facebook monetization rights check |Creator Studio 

To test Facebook’s monetization capabilities, you can use Creator Studio. It will display your page’s compliance status and offer useful information. 

Just open a creative studio; if you log into Facebook, your pages will be listed there automatically; otherwise, you can log in. 

If you have multiple pages, select the page you want to open. Once this is done, you will see a monetization option on the left. Click on it and see your eligibility status and what you need to do to monetize your page. 

Facebook Monetization in Pakistan 

Currently, only Facebook Stars can be used to make money through Facebook monetization. But to change this, the government is working on a Facebook pilot program to test monetization opportunities in the country.   

The program aims to test how Facebook monetization could work in Pakistan and the policies that would be required to make it happen. 

Although development is taking place at a slow pace, we can confidently expect fruitful results from the initiative. 

Currently, Facebook Marketplace in Pakistan is a great opportunity for businesses to sell their products online, hire employees, and even accept payments. 


1.Can I earn money through a Facebook page?

Yes, You can earn money through a Facebook page Monetization to make money. You can monetize your page through Facebook Stars in Pakistan, although other methods are available in other countries.

2.How to enable Facebook monetization?

You can enable Facebook monetization by visiting Creator Studio. There, you can see your compliance status, and if you have met all the requirements, you can monetize your page in the creator studio.

3.Why can’t I enable monetization on my Facebook page?

A Facebook Page may only be eligible for monetization if it violates community standards or monetization policies or meets required thresholds for number of followers, engagement, content quality, etc. 

In the end of this guide how AWAZ PAKISTAN share information with you are satisficed and want more information.


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